We are event curators. We design unique community experiences that encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone.

Discover the District


COMMUNITY. Building community is at the center of every event that we curate. Discover the District is focused on connecting members of the community and creating lasting memories. Every experience is designed to be unique, inspiring, and memorable. 


What started as a way for us to make more friends in the area as Pennsylvania transplants, turned into a full-blown community events planning company. Our biggest impact on the community thus far comes from our Arlington,VA based brand, Discover Arlington, where we've built a following of over 6,000 people on social media.


Creating the Big Picture 

Never settle. Growth and comfort can't coexist.  Those are two of the mottos that I live by. I'm on a mission to push people outside of the comfort zone in order to help them discover their potential.

Blake Davenport 
Co-Founder & Chief Idea Guy

Turning a Vision into Reality

I'm a Dreamer. I caught the wanderlust bug early in life and it's something that I can't get rid of. Always dreaming about the next big thing for Discover the District.

Leah Virbitsky 
Co-Founder & Chief Event Designer

Creating A Stronger Community

Long time wellness advocate.  Eager to design inspirational events geared towards creating lasting friendships that will nourish the soul.  I'm focused on fostering connections among the community.


Hallie Sharpless
Jr. Events Designer